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The Peep-O'Day-Boys is the name given by its members to a curious club which meets regularly on the third Tuesday of every month at Wharton's coffee-house in Oxford-street. To be eligible as a member one must first be an upper servant at one of the grander houses in town: and, naturally, one must be male. The business of the Peep-O'Day-Boys is much the same as that of any other club - gossip, gambling and good company. Stephen Black is a member, as are his good friends Lord Castlereagh's valet and the Duke of Portland's coachman[19].

In the early days of Stephen's enchantment he is gloomily attending a gathering of the Peep-O'Day-Boys when he again encounters the gentleman with the thistle-down hair, who reveals to him openly that what he has previously dismissed as dreams - that he nightly attended balls at Lost-hope - is sober reality. Thus Stephen becomes aware for the first time that he is not merely deluded or depressed in spirits, but in the thrall of a terrible spell.

Although it shares their name, the club is not known to have any links with the violent gang of Irishmen described here in Wikipedia.