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Clun is a small town in Shropshire. It takes its name from the River Clun, upon which it stands. Whence the river takes its name, no-one has yet been able to determine.

Though its most passionate admirers could not describe Clun as a busy or a thriving place, and though nobody of note appears to have been born in the town, or to have lived there*, it boasts close proximity to Clun Castle, a very romantic ruin; and Ashfair, the home of the famous magician Jonathan Strange, once stood not so very far off.[22]

Unfortunately Ashfair vanished shortly after Strange entered the Eternal Darkness, which has perhaps reduced even further the slender claims of Clun to public notice.

*Editor's note: If, that is, we except Mrs Strange. She and her brother grew up there, as their late esteemed father was once the curate of St. Swithin's church - which is not exactly in Clun itself, but in the neighbouring village of Clunbury[22]. It is fair to say Clunbury is even less exciting than Clun.