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When Mr Segundus first goes to Starecross Hall he knocks at the front door and waits, but no servant comes to open to him. In the end he is obliged to enter the Hall (the front door is ajar) and look about for himself. After some time spent wandering from room to room he at last discovers a little backstairs closet where a man in a dirty white coat is sitting with his boots on the table, drinking brandy. This is Fellowes. Though apparently at first reluctant to stir at all, Fellowes does eventually show Mr. Segundus into the library: but after that he abandons all interest in him and does not trouble himself about offering any refreshment.

Surprisingly however it later transpires Fellowes is also responsible for preparing the excellent meal Mr Segundus eats on his first visit to Starecross, so he may perhaps be the cook for the duration of Mrs Lennox's stay, as well as both her butler and footman. It is not clear why such a brisk, business-like woman as Mrs Lennox is willing to put up with such a sloven for her cook, but it may be that his unpolished appearance is no guide to his true character. [41].