Green, Mr

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A dissatisfied customer of the publisher and bookseller John Murray. Mr Green is described as a slight young man of lively temper, with a speaking countenance and eyes of a particularly brilliant blue. Already a purchaser of Jonathan Strange's book The History and Practice of English Magic Green appears one day at the Albemarle-street premises in an excited condition and accuses Mr Murray to his face of defrauding the public! It transpires that the two copies of Strange's book which Mr Green had bought earlier have both vanished and, as he indignantly assures Murray, by magical means.

Mr Murray pacifies the young man by giving him a fresh copy and reimbursing him for the cost of the second he bought, but shortly after Green returns to say that even this third copy has utterly vanished from his pocket! From his somewhat incoherent account of his experiences Murray comes to realize that by magical means Mr Norrell is taking steps to remove Strange's book from the public view. This is the first intimation Mr Murray has that Norrell is determined to suppress Strange's book[50].