Mrs Littleworth

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When Christopher Drawlight begins introducing Mr Norrell to polite society shortly after his first arrival in London, one of the houses they visit is that of Mrs Littleworth in Wimpole-street. It is there, during conversation, that Mr Norrell first hears mention of Vinculus, though he does not regard it: and there that he tells Henry Lascelles that John Uskglass is "a person I never think of". (But on further questioning he rather contradicts himself by describing the Raven King's magic as "pernicious" and "deplorable", adding that "nothing would please me more than that he should be forgot as completely as he deserves." This is hardly the language of indifference[5].)

During conversation Mrs Littleworth ventures a short anecdote descriptive of the dangers which can arise from admitting the common street-sorcerer into one's home: it concerns a family named Cruickshanks, a baby and a coal-scuttle.

It is not known whether Mrs Littleworth is any relation by marriage of Frederick Littleworth (see entry on Jane Tobias).