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A Norrellite is a supporter and admirer of Gilbert Norrell and thus opposed to those who prefer Jonathan Strange as a mentor. The latter party is referred to as Strangite.

After both men vanished into the Dark Tower in February 1817 it was unclear whether one had destroyed the other or whether both were dead. In their absence opinion among magicians became sharply divided, with some (generally older and more conservative) believing that Norrell's attitude to magical practice was the correct model to follow and others (generally younger and more passionate) preferring Strange's philosophy of daring experiment [69].

Principles of Norrellite magic appear to be: that all magic must be based upon books[69], that practical magic is only for a privileged few not including gentleman-magicians, lady-magicians, street-magicians, vagabond-magicians, child-prodigy-magicians or any other magicians whatsoever[12], and that John Uskglass be given a disreputable position in the history of English Magic.