Northern England

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Northern England is the territory which John Uskglass claimed for his own after defeating the army of King Henry I in the year 1111. It comprises the area between the rivers Tweed and Trent (roughly, from the Scottish border down to the English Midlands). Uskglass ruled it as an independent kingdom with its capital at Newcastle. Although he achieved sovereignty by force of arms Uskglass justified taking the land as recompense for the failure of Henry and his brother and predecessor, William II, to administer justice. The Uskglass family had previously appealed for royal protection against the depredations of an enemy, Hubert de Cotentin, but to no avail [45].

When the Raven King withdrew from England the administration and control of his kingdom was taken over by the government in the south: technically however the north remained a separate kingdom which the Kings of England ruled as stewards in the absence of its legitimate king [48].