Susanna Clarke

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Wikipedia also has an article on Clarke, but its authors seem to be labouring under the delusion that she invented some or even all of the people and events described in her book. Amazingly, there is even evidence that Clarke shares this delusion herself. It has been suggested by some over-clever scholars that Clarke in some way inhabits a sort of parallel universe, or so-called "multiverse" in which - though it resembles our own in many ways - certain historical events such as the Glorious Revival have not happened! Such preposterous falsehoods are undoubtedly nothing more than the inventions of other historians jealous of Clarke's success, or even likelier, worthless theoretical or street magicians aiming to taint the glory of English Magic. No true friend of English Magic will give any of their imputations a moment's credence.


JK Clarke.jpg

The author JK Clarke in one of her many disguises!