Master of Doncaster

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Doncaster is a town in the south of Yorkshire. As the name suggests it was once the site of a Roman fort ("castra") beside the River Don.

A mysterious Aureate magician known only as 'the Master of Doncaster' is often referred to en passant in Argentine histories as the source of a spell used by some 13th century magician or other. In fact, so often is 'the Master of Doncaster' cited as the origin of some ancient piece of magic that certain magio-historians have argued that he is actually John Uskglass himself, whereas others suggest there may have been more than one man referred to by the name of 'Doncaster'. Their reasoning is as follows: one of 'Doncaster's' better-known spells is for summoning fairies, but it is obvious, after a moment's thought, that Uskglass would have no need for such a spell - fairies attended on him daily. Some magio-historians have therefore postulated the possible existence of another magician, whom they refer to as the Pseudo-Master of Doncaster[51]. As with so much else concerning Uskglass the question remains open to debate.