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Argentine, which means "silver", is a common descriptive term for those lesser magicians who practised during the decline of English magic - men of much inferior power to the great Aureate or "Golden Age" magicians who had flourished during the reign of John Uskglass. Their time is often referred to as the Silver Age.

Some Argentine magicians, despite their pretensions, were in fact unable to perform any magic at all (see Gregory Absalom).

Peter Watershippe (1409–61?)
Paris Ormskirk (1496–1587)
Loveday Ingham (15th century)
William Thorpe (15th century)
Gregory Absalom (1507–99)
Thomas Lanchester (1518–90)
Jacques Belasis (1526–1604)
Nicholas Goubert (1535–78)
Maria Absalom (mid-16th–late 17th centuries)
Francis Pevensey (16th century)
Richard Chaston (16th century)