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Aureate or Golden Age (Latin, aureatus = golden) magicians were those of the era of John Uskglass, the Raven King. They habitually employed fairy-servants and the magical abilities of a number of them were very great, as Jonathan Strange once remarked:

"They persuaded sycamore and oak woods to join with them against their enemies; they made wives and servants for themselves out of flowers; they transformed themselves into mice, foxes, trees, rivers etc; they made ships out of cobwebs, houses out of rose-bushes..."[48]

Many of them left England in the King's company at the time of his departure.

Catherine of Winchester
Martin Pale (considered an Aureate, though he lived in the Argentine age)
Ralph Stokesey
Thomas Godbless
Thomas of Dundale
William of Lanchester
Master of Doncaster

Lesser magicians of the Aureate age:
Hugh Torel
Donata Torel
Margaret Ford (according to Jonathan Strange)
Alexander of Whitby
Walter de Chepe
Joscelin de Snitton
Robert Dymoke
Gilles de Marston