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This is a list of magical spells, parts, tools, and objects, organised by their name, or, if unnamed, by a brief description. If the inventor/discoverer or associated magician is known, their name is listed as well.


Animam Evocare (Ralph Stokesey).


Bells, their use in magic


Cards of Marseilles.
Carpets, their place in magic.
Chaos of Ravens (John Uskglass)
Conjectures Concerning the Foreshadowing of Things To Come (Martin Pale).


Daedalus's Rose (Martin Pale).
Doncaster Squares.
Dopple-ganger see under Waff
Dreams, and their use in magic.


Epitome, a part of a spell


Fetch see under Waff
Florilegium, a (mostly redundant) part of a spell.


Invisible Reflection and Protection (Martin Pale).


Labyrinth (Walter de Chepe).
Leucrocuta, a mythical beast mentioned by Jonathan Strange.


Mirrors, and their use in magic


Neapolitans, Seventeen Dead, The see under Raising the Dead


One Spell to Discover what My Enemy is doing Presently (Gilbert Norrell).


Pillar of Darkness, the gentleman with the thistle-down hair
Pineapples, hatred of, a mark of madness.
Practical magic, as opposed to theoretical magic.
Prophylactics against magic
Prophylaxis (Walter de Chepe).


Quiliphon, an apparatus used to perform Martin Pale's spell Invisible Reflection and Protection.


Raising the Dead John Uskglass and Jonathan Strange.
Restoration and Rectification (Martin Pale).
Restoration of Flown Tranquillity (Gilles de Marston).
Roses, their magical significance.


Scopus (Jacques Belasis).
Silver basin, see also mirrors
skimmer, a part of a spell.
Spell of Dissolution
Spell of Pathfinding
Spell of Revelation (Paris Ormskirk, Master of Doncaster).
Spirit of the River Thames, A spell to raise the (Vinculus).
Summoning, Spells of, (Paris Ormskirk, Charles Hether-Gray, Gilbert Norrell, Jonathan Strange) : see also below A spell to summon a fairy


Taillemache's Shield.
Teilo's Hand.
Trees, their characters and natures.
Two Spells to Make an Obstinate Man leave London (Gilbert Norrell).


The Unrobed Ladies.


Vitrification (Ralph Stokesey).


Ward and Watch, Spells for see A spell for ward and watch
Wardrobes, alleged magical properties of - see Witloof: see also Buckler.
Wyvern, an heraldic beast.

Unnamed spells

Chaos of ravens (John Uskglass)
The stones of York, a spell that brings statues to life (Gilbert Norrell).
Rain ships (Gilbert Norrell)
A spell for ward and watch, (Francis Pevensey)
A spell that causes a sense of false familiarity, used by Jonathan Strange in Venice.
A spell that causes partial memory loss (Gilbert Norrell).
A spell that causes partial memory loss and creates a false memory (John Uskglass).
A spell that creates a path between two beings, a very old spell.
A spell to disguise oneself as a shadow (John Childermass).
A spell to dispel illusions and correct wrong ideas, employed by Jonathan Strange to defend the King (Paris Ormskirk).
A spell to increase light, employed to brighten rooms at Hurtfew Abbey (Gilbert Norrell).
A spell to restore the dead to life, of which the chief burden is placed upon a summoned fairy (Gilbert Norrell).
A spell to summon a dead person, used by Jonathan Strange to summon Maria Absalom.
A spell to summon a fairy (many).
Spells to send messages (Jonathan Strange).
John Uskglass' spell, a spell to punish England for neglecting the Gift of Magic (John Uskglass).