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This is a list of places, locations, towns, countries, buildings, and the like. This list is intended for browsing purposes, so each place is entered only once; the best way to find a place specifically is to use your browser search on this page, or just the general site search.


Agrace, one of the kingdoms of the Raven King.
Allendale, Northumbrian sheepherding settlement.
Allhope, a village in Derbyshire.
Allhope House, the abode of John Hollyshoes.
Alston, a moor town, the scene of a dreadful murder in 1279.
Arsenal, The, a great shipyard in Venice
Ashfair, Jonathan Strange's home in Shropshire.
Athodel, formerly one of the Western Isles and home of a Scots magician.


Bath, a place for fashionable idlers.
Belgium, a scene of conflict and also a curiously magical country.
Bedford coffee-house, a favourite meeting-place.
Birmingham, a manufacturing town in the midlands.
The Bitter Lands, see Agrace.
Bretton, a hamlet in the The Peaks.
Brughs, fairy dwellings: see also Allhope House, Lost-hope
Brussels, the capital of Belgium.


Cannaregio, a Venetian quarter.
Carlisle, a north of England town close to Scotland.
Cathedral of York, or York Minster.
Castle Idris, a place in the Clun valley.
Castle of the Plucked Eye and Heart, a place of horror.
Clun, a town in Shropshire.
City of Iron Angels, a kingdom of the gentleman with the thistle-down hair.
Clunbury, another town in Shropshire.
Coffee-yard, in York, the bookseller Thoroughgood's place of business.
Charlotte Square, in Edinburgh: part-time home of Jonathan Strange in his childhood years.


Derbyshire, a county in England.
Derwent, River, a river in Derbyshire once unjustly implicated in a plot against John Uskglass.
Durham, a city of Northern England.
Dyke, The, an ancient earthwork between England and Wales.


Easby Abbey, one of the foundations of the Raven King. A grange of Easby later became the home of the farmer and theoretical magician Robert Findhelm.
East Riding, a region of the English county of Yorkshire.
End-of-All-Hope House, the residence of John Hollyshoes, see Allhope House.


Faerie, a realm connected only magically to England.
Fife House, an ugly building in Whitehall, home to Lord Liverpool
Fiskerton, a town in Nottinghamshire, said to be the home of the troublesome Margaret Ford.
Floors Castle, home to the Duke of Roxburghe's library.


Genoa, a sea port in Italy.
Gloucestershire, a Southern English county.
Grace Adieu, a village in Gloucestershire.
Great Hitherden, a parish in Northamptonshire of which Henry Woodhope became rector.


Halifax, in West Yorkshire.
Hampstead, a village in the environs of London, home to Mrs Bullworth.
Hanover-square, the street in which Gilbert Norrell lived in London.
Harley-street, the street where Sir Walter and Lady Pole reside.
Heart-break Farm, the name by which Laurence Strange refers to the cottage of a former neighbour of his.
Hell, the dwelling-place of demons; said to be adjacent to one of John Uskglass's realms.
High-Petergate, the Honeyfoot residence.
Hurtfew Abbey, the country home of Gilbert Norrell.


Jerusalem coffee-house, in Cowper's-court off Cornhill


King's Other Lands, the Raven King's realms in Faerie
King's Roads, The, ways made by John Uskglass for his own purposes.


Lady-Peckitt's-yard, Mr. Segundus's first home in York.
London, the capital of England.
Lost-hope, the home of the gentleman with the thistle-down hair, and later of Stephen Black.


Monk Gretton, a village lying on the road between Shropshire and Gloucestershire.


Newark, a town in Nottinghamshire , site of a famous battle.
Newcastle, the former capital city of Northern England.
Northern England, one of John Uskglass's three kingdoms.
Northamptonshire, a county in the English midlands.
Nottinghamshire, a county in the English midlands.


Offa's Dyke, see The Dyke


Padua, a city of Northern Italy
Peninsula, The, the term used for the land mass comprising Spain and Portugal.
Penlaw, the place whence came the invading army of John Uskglass.
Pineapple, The: a low tavern in London.
Pity-me, a dukedom in Faerie.
Pontefract, a town in Yorkshire.
Portsmouth, a naval port.


Richmond, a town in Yorkshire.


Salamanca, a city in Spain.
Scotland, the country lying to the north of England.
Seven, apparently a city in Faerie.
Shadow House, ruin of the house built by Gregory Absalom in the 16th century.
Sheffield, in Yorkshire. The place where the King's Book is destroyed.
Shropshire, the county where Jonathan Strange has his seat of Ashfair.
Soho-square, the street in which Jonathan Strange lived in London.
Southern England, that part of the country which the invading John Uskglass chose not to conquer.
Spitalfields, a part of London much frequented by Frenchmen and other foreigners.
Spithead, a channel near Portsmouth.
Stamford, see under Lincolnshire.
Starecross Hall, site of John Segundus' madhouse.


Threadneedle-street, the place in London where Vinculus has his booth.


Untold Blessings, a fairy realm.


Vauxhall-Gardens, an old and favourite place of amusement in London.
Venice, a city in Italy.


Wales, an ancient kingdom to the west of England, known to its inhabitants as Cymru.
Wansford, a village on the Great North Road.
Wapping, part of the Port of London.
Weymouth, a fashionable resort.
Whitby, a fishing port in Yorkshire.
Windsor, a royal palace.
Worthing, a seaside town in Sussex.


Yorkshire, a county of Northern England.